15 Absence Attendance Policy

Our attendance policy here at West Valley High School is that after 15 missed days in any one class period, we no longer excuse absences without a doctor’s note or clearance from Mr. McMurry (Principal). 9 days out of class in a semester is considered “Chronically Absent” by the state of Washington.

-ESSA Defines Chronic Absenteeism- 
WVSD making effort to curb casual absences 

The Elementary and Secondary Schools Act (ESSA) Accountability Index, which serves as a rating system for schools has chosen Chronic Absenteeism as the figure that would count in the determination for overall school standing. Chronic Absenteeism is defined as missing 10% of the school year. Since a school year consists of 180 days, this would be missing 18 or more days in a school year. Since the school year consists of 36 weeks, this means that a student who is defined as Chronically Absent is missing one day of school every two weeks. We do not want students to come to school who are sick as they would impact the health of others, but we do need the "casual absences" to stop. These are absences of convenience from the parent's perspective and will eventually negatively impact the academic success of a child. Remember that a day of missing school is a day of missing out on learning. Please do everything you can to reinforce the habit of getting up and going to school every day!